Building outstanding experiences for brilliant outcomes.

  • Building outstanding experiences for brilliant outcomes

  • Innovative and intelligent solutions

  • Adding value and creating lasting impact

  • Comfortable with different cultures and easily adaptable


You’ve come to a place that marries intelligence and imagination with a deep understanding of organisations…how about that?

Q Partnership is a highly skilled and experienced, knowledge-based consultancy that helps organisations in developing countries design and achieve their business, organisational and management goals and evaluate their performance.

From research to strategy, business process and performance management to organisational development, capacity strengthening and monitoring and evaluation – the core competencies of Q Partnership have been developed, tried and tested to give our clients real value and lasting impact.

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16 December 2015

The 2015 Grant Management Solutions (GMS) annual Regional Partners’ Meeting was held in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire in early December.

At a glance


Each job we asked Q Partnership to do was very well done



The benefits of engaging Q Partnership are that you get a consulting firm with diverse skills.




We found Q partnership to be excellent business partners




I chose to work with Q Partnership because of Q Partnership's reputation for excellence among GMS partner organisations.



Our survey work in Zimbabwe greatly benefitted from the expertise, professionalism and commitment of Q Partnership; our success would not have been possible without them.”



We have worked with Q Partnership for over 16 years




I must say it has been great team work…. And we are delighted with the results..



Q Partnership partners delivered top quality outputs on time and within budget.


The benefits of working with Q Partnership are access to skilled consultants, quality control, and commitment to delivering high quality on time and on budget. 



We liked the methodology used when developing our standard operating procedures



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