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Global Fund Work

Global Fund work

Since 2008 Q Partnership has been providing technical support to grantees of the Global Fund (GF) for AIDS, TB and Malaria (GFATM), through the US government funded Grant Management Solutions (GMS) project. In 2012 Q Partnership was appointed the first of what are now two regional partners for GMS in Southern Africa. Between 2008 and 2015, Q Partnership has supported over 25 GMS assignments in 17 countries, in and beyond Africa, providing support in the following four key areas:

Evaluations, trainings and webinars

Q Partnership’s consultants have been involved in the evaluation of GMS’s work across the globe in Phase 1 of its grant from USAID (2007-2012), have assisted with training of other GMS consultants (e.g. on the PR dashboard) and have input into various GMS Webinars designed to inform and train GMS consultants.

How we add value

The value-addition of Q Partnership’s work with CCMs, CCM Secretariats and PRs includes the following:

  • Improvement plans for CCMs, new Members and new PRs to meet Global Fund requirements
  • Assessment of the general governance, procurement, monitoring and financial management systems and provision of recommendations on actions to strengthen both CCMs and PRs;
  • Strengthened budget, procurement, monitoring and financial tracking systems to meet the requirements of both the local institutions and the Global Fund’s Enhanced Financial Reporting requirements;
  • Developing governance, procurement and programme implementation manuals, operations manuals, and staffing plans for managing the CCM, its Secretariat and PR grants.
  • Clear roles and job descriptions for CCM members, CCM Committees and the Programme Management Unit (PMU) in PRs;
  • Capacity building of CCM, Secretariat and PR staff for governance, oversight, information management, monitoring and evaluation, grants management, financial management and preparation of grant operations manuals and other documentary requirements. 


Countries where we have provided technical support to Global Fund grantees