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Global Fund Work

Governance and Oversight (with CCMs)

.Q Partnership is able to work in close collaboration with the Country Coordinating Mechanism on priority issues to ensure that the CCM meets Global Fund requirements, functions efficiently as a national governance body, and effectively oversees its country’s Global Fund grants.

Q Partnership uses a highly participative approach emphasising CCM decision making about options for structural reform, capacity building, and functional procedures and arrangements. Members and staff of the secretariat of CCMs are involved in every step of Q Partnership’s support.

The full CCM is asked to review and formally validate its eligibility performance (in terms of GF requirements), craft a performance improvement plan to improve eligibility, update framework  CCM documentation, work plans and budgets. CCM members are supported to carry out core CCM functions more effectively, using new skills, investigative and methodological tools, and more focused information.

Q Partnership technical support to a CCM might include:

  • A functional analysis of the CCM, a diagnosis of the CCM’s oversight capacity and of the principal recipients (PR’s) or PRs' experience and capacity for communicating appropriate timely information to the CCM. This diagnostic is presented to the CCM for validation and prioritisation of support activities
  • Work with the CCM and its secretariat on structural reform, resolution of conflicts of interest, membership composition, and transparency so as to align the CCM with Global Fund eligibility criteria. This work would include review and modification of the CCM’s constitution or founding documentation, governance procedures, secretariat plan, CCM work plan and budget
  • Resource mobilisation for CCMs and plans to both improve the country’s ability to mobilise funding to fight the diseases but also funding to support the CCM and its Secretariat’s operations.
  • Development of transparent, documented protocols for membership renewal and new officer elections. Facilitation of membership renewal including mobilisation and orientation of constituencies, including civil society constituencies, for elections. Facilitation of new officer elections. Orientation of new CCM members and officers. Capacity building for consensual decision making and multi-sectoral participation
  • Capacity building and procedural development for CCM decision making on selection of future Principal Recipients, Sub-recipients, grant reprogramming and periodic grant reviews, gap analysis and harmonisation of Global Fund grants with other programmes for the three diseases
  • Capacity building for CCM oversight including: skills building for CCM members on monitoring PR and grant performance, identifying problems 
and bottlenecks blocking implementation, and their resolution, organisation of technical working groups, expert panel support, and M&E support, development of oversight procedures and oversight plans, support to the CCM and PRs to develop grant dashboards summarising quarterly performance 
information for oversight