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Global Fund Work

Management support to the principal recipient

Management  support to the principal recipient (mainly centred on financial management).

The principal recipient (PR) of a Global Fund grant is responsible for managing grant funds, implementing grant activities, and achieving agreed upon objectives and targets. We are able to work with the PRs to unblock bottlenecks that may have inhibited disbursement of funds, such as delays in reporting, inadequate data supporting disbursement requests, or conditions precedent related to management and finance. Q Partnership consultants are expert in developing systems appropriate to the local environment that will enable PRs to strengthen grant implementation.


Our technical support includes:

  • Assessing the general and financial management systems and provision of recommendations on actions to strengthen the PR, using functional analysis methodology
    • Strengthening the PR’s existing budget and financial tracking system to meet the requirements of both the PR institution and the Global Fund’s Enhanced Financial Reporting
    • Developing programme implementation manuals, operations manuals, and staffing plans for managing grants, with clear roles and job descriptions for the Programme Management Unit (PMU)
    • Creating a financing plan outlining how funds from the various grants will be used to meet the costs of the restructured PMU
    • Developing requests for reprogramming of Global Fund grant funds to move from unstructured to detailed management budgets
    • Rapid assistance to address conditions precedent and time-bound actions for PR management and sub-recipient (SR) participation
    • Support to new national PRs to meet Global Fund requirements for signature of a new grant. Pre-signature support often includes PMU design, finalisation of detailed work plans and budgets for each PR and SR, finalisation of SR selection and orientation, capacity building of PR staff for grants management, reinforcement of financial management procedures, and preparation of grant operations manuals and other documentary requirements. This team may work in collaboration with procurement and supply management (PSM) or monitoring and evaluation (M&E) specialists
    • Preparation of procedures for assessment of SRs, standard subgranting agreement templates, financial reporting templates and procedures for SRs. Orientation of SRs to new procedures
    • Support for transfer of a grant at Phase 2 from an international PR to a new national PR, whether public or NGO
    • Support for grant consolidation. As with presignature support, grant consolidation is often carried out in collaboration with PSM and M&E consultants