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Global Fund Work

Procurement and Supply Management (PSM).

The principal recipient (PR) of a grant is responsible for all procurement and supply management (PSM) activities. The availability of products at any point of service is a key indicator of success for the Global Fund and a main contributor to reaching the targets expected from the grants.

Q Partnership’s technical support in the area of Procurement Supply Management aims at working with principal recipients and improving systems in order to accelerate the procurement and management of appropriate quantities of high-quality drugs and supplies in compliance with Global Fund procurement regulations and national laws. Q Partnership consultants have many years of experience in PSM as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the Global Fund requirements in this area.

We are able to provide technical support to countries in the following areas:

  • Assistance in the mapping of the entire supply chain systems and budgeting appropriately for supply system strengthening
  • Preparation of a PSM plan in harmony with a grant’s performance framework
  • Establishment of contractual agreements if using third parties to conduct PSM management functions
  • Assessment of the SR’s capacity to conduct PSM activities and to report on them appropriately
  • Aid in implementation of PSM plans approved by the Global Fund
  • Design and develop monitoring systems for performance and reporting of PSM indicators
  • Forecasting and quantification of needed pharmaceuticals and supply, including working on or establishing national quantification or other committees
  • Pre-signature support to establish necessary arrangements among stakeholders for PSM and finalise the PSM plan and budget
  • Capacity building of staff involved in PSM at the central level
  •  Help with tenders, particularly for first-time PRs
  •  Identifying bottlenecks in implementation of activities for PSM and acting promptly to solve them