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Business Information Systems

Business Information Systems are critical to operational efficiency, allowing organisations to analyse and better manage business processes, performance and costs thereby increasing profitability.

Q Partnership uses the QPR and CostPerform suite of management software solutions to help clients focus on strategic development, management systems and management intelligence. Our approach is focused on helping organisations design and achieve their business, organisational and management objectives. Through our approach, organisations are able to achieve operational efficiency in daily operational management. We bring together the right combination of people, process and technology to enhance the productivity and value of any business operation, while driving down the cost of routine operations to a desired level.

QPR Collaborative Management Software is the leading product for implementing Strategy, Balanced Scorecard and Process Management solutions. QPR Software supports the transition from data to information. This information is effectively communicated in order to commit organisations to reach their objectives and desired results.

We also provide strategic cost management tools for organisations to analyse and better manage costs and improve profitability.