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Our Work

Financial and Risk Management

Strategy, resourcing, risk, performance and sustainability are inseparable. Q’s approach is to assist Boards and Management set direction, monitor performance, identify threats and engage in corrective or preventive action.

We assist clients with:

  • Financial models for business
  • Financial systems evaluation and internal controls
  • Risk profiling and risk management systems implementation.

Financial models include assisting clients to establish a viable match between revenue, costs and projections, with robust assumptions over an agreed planning period. This includes building budgets, identifying strategies to help these budgets succeed and developing a compelling case to support the budgets or business plans.

Financial systems evaluation includes mapping current systems and controls and making design recommendations to improve systems efficiencies and tighten controls.

Q assists clients in managing risks by identifying:

  • Enterprise risks that could affect the achievement of results
  • Business risks that could make the organisation less competitive
  • Financial risks that could limit cash for operations and
  • Hazards that could cause losses

Using these structured identification techniques, Q works with its clients to build strategies and systems to anticipate, prevent, mitigate or control, avoid, transfer or tolerate inherent risks and monitor the impact and changes in the ecosystem.

Our work has helped clients: improve data quality; improve financial reporting; avoid treatment disruptions; stay on track with targets; improve products and services, and improve access to equity and human rights.