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Our Work

Market & Social Research

The key to achieving organisational goals comes from determining and understanding the real needs and wants of target markets to optimise delivery of desired outcomes more effectively and efficiently.

Q Partnership facilitates this concept by supplying our clients with objective, accurate and timely information about issues relevant to their activities, which in turn helps support and guide their decision-making processes.

Through our highly experienced staff complement of researchers, social scientists, statisticians and data processors, we have undertaken over 400 qualitative studies in areas including but not limited to: 

  • Baseline surveys, mid-term reviews and final impact assessments.
  • Political opinion polls
  • Conflict assessments
  • Advertising and consumer behaviour research.
  • Business economics and corporate research (including market trends).
  • Corporate responsibility research.
  • Product research.
  • Market size and market share research
  • Customer satisfaction studies.
  • Staff surveys.
  • Knowledge, Attitudes, Behaviour and Practices (KABP) studies.
  • Public Opinion Polls.
  • Communications research.

These studies have provided invaluable insight to a broad range of our non-profit and private clients, operating in sectors which include water and sanitation, politics and conflict, finance and micro-finance, manufacturing, health (public and private), nutrition, education, media and communications, agriculture, transport, construction, labour and employment.

We are able to advise clients not only on the answers to their questions, but also on the best questions to ask, the different ways to analyse the data gathered to gain new insights, and on how to respond to the insights in terms of action.