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Monitoring & Evaluation

Organisations often require systematic reviews of projects, programmes and/or organisational interventions to determine whether they are developing according to goals and objectives, whether any adjustments are needed and whether real value is being added.

Evaluation determines whether an initiative has been worthwhile in terms of delivering what was intended or expected through an analysis of its relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and impact.

Q Partnership’s monitoring and evaluation support can help clients in the following ways:

  • Essential to the growth of organisations: Tracking performance, measuring results, and reporting progress enables improved decision-making, which strengthens organisational capacity.
  • Vital for future sustainability: Future planning becomes more predictable when intended and actual impacts are compared.
  • Promote organisational learning and adaptive management: By being able to reflect on lessons, learning curves, and the determinants of success or failure, organisational learning is promoted and adaptive management encouraged.
  • Enable monitoring of performance towards attainment of results over time.
  • Useful for planning, managing and documenting data collection: By monitoring performance, organisations are able to collect comparable data over time - even if personnel or investors change over time.

To enable our clients to monitor their own performance and measure the impact of their efforts, Q Partnership offers a variety of M&E services which include: -

  • Custom designed performance management frameworks.
  • Development of M&E plans.
  • Log frames and indicators.
  • Data quality assessments and training.
  • Market Research (including Opinion & Social Research)