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Our Work

Strategic Planning

Q Partnership helps companies develop and achieve their targets through giving everyone in the organisation a better sense of the organisation’s purpose, a chance to buy-in and an understanding of how he or she can contribute to it through their skills and actions.

By developing a collective ambition for an organisation, we are able to harness the skills and input of all employees to create impetus for greater efficiency and productivity.

Q Partnership works with organisations to:

  1. Develop a vision which unifies the power of collective ambition and an exciting destination.
  2. Shape a clear sense of purpose, defining core business, target markets and impact groups, a unique approach and real impact.
  3. Identify targets and milestones that help frame real evidence of progress in the chosen ‘ecosystem’, market leadership, competitive partnerships and tough standards.
  4. Craft strategic and operational priorities, defining how the vision will be achieved, and the competition will be outplayed or cooperation established.
  5. Commit to a brand promise that is consistent, exciting, satisfying and motivating.
  6. Nurture core values that define the philosophy, code of ethics and behaviours that will not only guide your organisation through deliberate leadership but also create a great place to work.