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Our Work

Advocacy, application of research

Advocacy, application of research, monitoring and coordination, engagement of and with Civil Society Organisations
  • Assessment and development of civil society organisations’ engagement with and representation on the Country Coordinating Mechanisms of the Global Fund, sharpening skills in advocacy, oversight, constituency and coalition building, election processes for constituency representatives and communications in Sierra Leone, Serbia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Rwanda and South Sudan
  • Assessment of grantees’ capacity for advocacy for the Office of Transition Initiatives.
  • Conducting detailed political, economic and policy analyses for a GBP8m funded project in Zimbabwe (designed to strengthen private sector associations and civil society organisations in their dialogue and advocacy with government)
  • Backed by research, assessing the socio-economic and political context in Zimbabwe for a number of donors and INGOs to support their strategic planning and country office presence reviews, and assessing the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and impact of the country strategy that guides development assistance to Zimbabwe