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Our Work

Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of private sector organisations

  • Q Partnership has led a over 300 business process re-engineering and business alignment projects for leading banks and other organisations with stock exchange listings in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia.
  • Over 2000 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been written by Q Partnership.
  • Q Partnership has formulated over 500 Balanced Scorecards for leading blue chip companies in Zimbabwe and Malawi and implemented the QPR Collaborative Management software tools for organisations in Zimbabwe in the Banking and Finance, Technology and Transport sectors.
  • Q Partnership was commissioned by a Zimbabwean investment bank to conduct a study to provide them with information required for them to develop an appropriate commercial banking model. The study included (i) an analysis of the current target markets, pricing structures, profitability and sustainability levels; (ii) analysis of potential customers’ needs and priorities; (iii) competitor analysis; (iv) analysis of the different types of delivery channels, products and services prevalent on the local, regional and global markets, their effectiveness, sustainability and profitability levels.
  • A ‘culture audit’ conducted for a reinsurance company, to gauge perceptions of and confidence amongst internal stakeholders and key external investors and influencers, the results of which will were used to inform a rebranding, repositioning and strategic planning activities.
  • Q Partnership was engaged to undertake a Change Management Process for an institution in the finance sector, the first stage of which involved a ‘Strategic Inquiry’. The objective of this step was to collect from key internal and external stakeholders, trend and performance data, opinions and expectations which would be used to inform and guide the strategic decision making and the organisational redesign.  The results informed decisions such as reshaping and restructuring the institution driven by the research and strategic plan facilitated by Q Partnership.
  • Market share, market size and customer satisfaction and segmentation studies in Zimbabwe have been conducted for leading Internet Service Providers, the financial sector, transport and energy sectors, for manufacturing companies including manufacturers of vehicle batteries, stock-feeds and veterinary products, stationary products, beverages, contraceptive products